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Mainboard MSI H410 Pro Full Review

Mainboard MSI H410 Pro Full Review

Mainboard MSI H410 Pro - Welcome back to our channel creations, friends today I want to unbox and also review the fremware of this mainboard, namely the mainboard of the MSI h410 M Pro series in this video. I will connect this mainboard with an Intel g6400 series processor roughly. What is the completeness of this product and also what kind of freeware it is? Watch this video don't skip it?.

Oh, yes, friends! If you buy the MSI h410 M pro series mainboard with this price of 2.5 million, we will also get an Intel g6400 series processor in the sales package. This Pentium G series processor is already okay for daily use because it has a speed of 4.0 GHz with a core of two threads 4 chats 4mb and already uses socket lga1150 mainboard with 10th generation chipset and maybe later it will also fit if in the 11th Generation because I'm also still using the 1200 socket

Now, before we assemble it, let's check first friends for the completeness, Let's just open it from the processor. What'S up as usual, there's a manual book and a warranty card, Then there's the standard fun, and this is the processor. Let'S try, Look, it's still wrapped like this, and this is the next lga socket we'll check for the mainboard, starting with the packaging.

If we look at the packaging, we can immediately feel that this is an elegant product, maybe because it's been sorted out, the MSI logo and the series of the mainboard, namely h410 m pro and the bottom also Same. This is MSI and the mainboard series at the very end, there is a P logo, which means that this mainboard is the Pro series Now for the top. 

There is support information in various languages. Now the mainboard. This is support for the 10th generation Intel then for the PCI, X16 version 3.0 and already using GB Lan. Ok, let's continue to the top left side. There is a proseries writing at the bottom of the mainboard series, and the bottom is the barcode of this product, and the right side is the same: only there is no barcode and it turns out that this is the best. A lot of the information is on the back for the top. 

There is a proseries writing on the mainboard series. Then there is also a picture, and next to this there are advantages of this product, namely using Turbo M2. There is a corpus also support for fork. Resolution with VGA onboard okay, friends, now: Let's open it, What do you think the mainboard can do? Well? Here'S the mainboard, it's wrapped in plastic like this! Now, let's see what's inside, let's open the other one first then here we have two Sata cables and there's a cover for the back panel. It says: MSI doesn't it. I also forgot that there is a bolt, but it's so small. What'S the point?

Well, what's at the bottom, oh this sticker, it turns out to be cool. Yes, then there's a DVD driver and here's a thank you card and MSI, Okay, thanks again and finally, there's a manual book how to install this mainboard. Now, let's check the marinford and wow. This is cool and elegant. This is good anyway. This mainbord has two channels of ddr4 RAM. 

Besides that there is a ddr4 bus feature, so it already supports Max memory, namely 2933mhz. Further. There are also 4 slots for the already version. Sata 3, Then, for this PCIe X16 slot, it's cool, it's made of iron for the PCIe slot, it's version 3 and the newest one. From this 10th generation there are two M2 slots now. This is for storage of the newest model, which is the loudest nowadays, Nve M2. 

The mainboard power is standard. Yes, there are 12 different pins. The power for the owner is already using an 8-pin. Maybe it's difficult to find a power supply. Hehehe! Don'T worry because you can use a regular PSU, then the most important thing is for the processor socket. Wow, it's very different from the previous generation.

Now, let's continue this to check the back panel, Anything for video output, don't worry friends, because it's complete once with VGA, also then DVI-D and HDMI. Then next there are 2 blue, USB 3.2 ports and 4 black USB 2.0 ports. There is also for PS2 for MOS and also for the keyboard. It has become one and for this LAN it is already GB with the two LED indicators are usually orange and green. And, lastly, there is a temporary audio port for the front panel. There are 2 USB 3

2 generation, ports, 1 type, a USB 2.0 port and one serial port, okay. Friends, all of that was a brief review of the mainboard product from the MSI h410 m pro now.