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AMD Ryzen Review 3600x on 40$ Motherboard

AMD Ryzen Review 3600x on 40$ motherboard

What I'm not even pushing it, I'm like really frustrated right now. Do you see this? This is next level. This is AMD Ryzen review 3600X on $ 40 .

00 motherboard the cheapest one. I can find that supports. Am4 socket Gigabyte a320m s2h, I'm gon na show you around the motherboard its features as well as overclocking potential on brand new six-core twelve thread Ryzen CPU on one of the oldest and cheapest motherboards out there memory settings 

Temperatures Cinebench numbers we're gon na cover pretty much everything you need to know about the platform and the motherboard itself that if it works first, I'd like to start by introducing each component we're working with today. 

The CPU itself - oh yeah, AMD Rezen, 5, 3600X CPU retails for $ 250 - US not the most powerful chip in the lineup, yet most likely to be one of the popular ones, alongside with Ryzen 5 3600 and Ryzen 5 2600X. That goes for a nice discount. 

This thing packs 6 cores 12 threads with base frequency of 3.8 MHz and single-core boost of 44. important to note that only single threaded application could benefit from its mostly useless these days Off to the memory we are rocking G 

Skill: thirty two hundred megahertz CL 16 memory doesn't focus CL 16 memory. It served us well over the years and should not be a bottleneck as performance difference between 3,200 and 3,600. It'S negligible considering how much money you can save. I don't think any of us buying Ryzen five got ta, go all out on the memory. 

Let me introduce the motherboard again: Gigabyte a320m s2h was the cheapest board. We can get ath the time of buying it. It'S micro ATX board, with four plus two fase power delivery. That could be a problem if we decide to overclock third gen Ryzen, let's unbox everything put it on a test bench and see if it runs. I have a feeling, but before we do so, let me remind you to subscribe as it's multi-part video featuring Ryzen, 5. 3600X 

We'Ll be testing it on X470, as well as x570, and we'll find this guy a real nice home where he belongs. It'S definitely. He motherboard is probably She but .... 

This is your tiny vrm setup all bunch boards, your typical motherboard stuff, these ones, HDMI, DVI and VGA - are made for APUs once updated. This motherboard is not gon na support these. If you have APU just don't update the bios you'll, be fine, told you it's a dude, see this pre-applied thermal paste, garbage nice and clean 

This is what I use to clean off the paste: QD contact, cleaner, great stuff,  But George, the paste is gone. What are you gon na? Do well we're gon na use kryonaut? Well, I just smudge good, and this is the reason why I'm mounting a cpu on the table not on the bench this little plate wants to remove. These brackets will fall off so when you know test bench, there's no way to secure from the behind to install the cooler. As expected, we need to flash bias that has Rison 3000 microcode.

How do you do bias update without working CPU? You use Q flash plus. We need Q flash plus that, unfortunately, this board doesn't have its the USB port that is marked in different color, that supports USB thumb, drive readouts to push new code to the bias. Now you got ta find in 1000 and 2000 series CPU. That can push the updates way of rising 2600. 

Let'S see if it works. Alright, we install Radeon 550 600 X, see if it boots no power. Here we go seems like the biased version is f30. The website says that we need to update. You have 38 36. 34 and then update to a 40 to get support for raisin 3000 series you reboot and then keep smashing and and update bias. So, let's try it at 40 right, oh hey, see if it works invalid bias, image, update bias, 32 click enter and then press to start doing it. It'S taking a while. 

Well, it's updating. Let'S talk about the motherboard motherboard supports aims at two slots, one slot by 16, PCI Express and then two slots by one piece, a Express and they all third gen piece, a Express 95 okay, let's go to bias version, has F 32. But again we need to have 40. So, let's, let's proceed with that update. This is the most important update for this board ever really. Hopefully, we'll get all kinds of cool features like rise in 3000 check the bias at 40 moment of truth.

Will it but Oh power and the fan moment of truth 2.0? Well that but I'm a little nervous? Okay, okay, you just shut off its power! Cycling power! Cycling! It'S fine normal! Oh, this 530 800 megahertz, nice third-gen processor on the first gen board. Won'T you look at that. Resin 530, 600 X, Cinebench, r15 run with nothing touched in bias and we'll get a look at the temperatures and the frequencies and voltage. You know the fans are ramped it up. 

That'S good. 40. 92 temps are 78 degrees Celsius. Core voltage is 1 point 3 to 5. So that's the number in Cinebench number is 1605. Now this is the brand new processor and we need some brand new drivers. So, let's update those chipset drivers, shall we resin powerplant aim DSM bus driver in DB ie, so we're now gon na do GPU and the score is 1602. So, within the margin of error they erase something else. I'D like to mention when working with brand new and Bryson 3000 series, there are a few caveats. 

First, this PCI Express Gen 4, which gives us a little to no benefit when it comes to gaming and the current software sure you can make an argument that says the performance should improve. With the SSD controllers, we may see a change in the future with the release of new consoles like PlayStation, 5 and Xbox, something, but as of today, there is a little to no benefit going from, say a SSD to I'm that at the ami SSD on PCI Express Gen 4 when it comes to loading games. 

So unless you have a heavy creative workload, you would not see any difference, maybe tiny bit so, like everybody else said on the internet, instead of by an X 570, get X, 470 or be 450 m dot. 2 slot is also present here, which is a great addition for a small form factor, plus cable management, and it's great for small cases, which you should have buy-in this board. It'S made for a small case, think about it. It'S small, its micro, Rison, 530, 600 X. Just like the wrestler Lena brings some memory improvements, your memory controller sits inside. It'S part of Io die.

It'S that outside it's inside memory is another story on this processors infinity fabric inside the chip that connects all the CC axis. A gate shifflet's as well as I owed, I will scale with the memory clock and it would be at one-to-one ratio up to 37 33 megahertz, I'm lazy. We could go in and decrease all these little numbers castle aides. Would you sacrifice the ability of the system for one yeah about 2 % improvement? 

Listen! It'S your choice! If you want to do this, make sure just benchmark everything, every game and every application you have answer so the previous score we had without the memory. Overclock was 16 all five. I think, won't you look at that 16:05. Nothing has changed. I'M just saying that you now rise in the memory over infinity fabric overclocked has a must on these chips and typically it would be a half of what DDR frequency you have 3200 merits, so infinity fabric should be 1600 FCE. 

Ok, frequency 1600, don't explode on me. Okay, so infinity fabric, overclocked 1600 and memory overclocked to 3200 CL 16 does not give you good results. I have a feeling got something to do with precision boost overdrive. There are two different ones: precision Boost 2 

0, just part of the package: that's something that over clocks or under clocks, the CPU to keep it safe, so precision boost overdrive. That'S something that overclock your cpu in their point of concern is V RMS, they're, not powerful enough and precision boost knows about it. So the result in Cinebench score because it's under clocks all the time to keep it safe. 

Now the windows is just frozen and guess what I'm not even pushing it? Oh goodness, dynamic the core point. I just can't find that load line calibration and overcurrent protection setting this got to do so. It doesn't matter what I do. It doesn't want to go into windows. Precision boost overdrive is broken here. This is the slowest board. I'Ve ever had we're not gon na touch.

 Precision boost overdrive, you know just gon na. Let it stay better change our memory if it is etheric frequency up to 1600. I'M like really frustrated right now: clock ratio, 40, XMP profile and that's it an idle. The RMS are sitting around 43, see temperatures 70, 90 degrees, 80 degrees Celsius. V, RMS are hitting around 47, not bad. Mosfets are 49 chokes are 51 16 17. The core was hitting 1.5.

No wonder we are so hot now it doesn't want to post it's insane. So the multiplier right now, it's four point: no exchange to you for two frequencies, 4042 chokes her at 53 Celsius and the score is 1613. Nothing has changed. If you want to slide in a new processor from the 3000 series you can do it. Can you overclock it? No there's precision Boost 2.0 and the precision boost overdrive, precision, boost 2 point. 

I was in charge of the V RMS and the temperatures, so better cooling you'll get more frequency better V, RMS you'll get more frequency, that's how it works. It'S not over yet, though check this out. Do you see this? This is the cheapest board. You can buy Gen 4. 

You know what it means right. This is the only card. Well, one of two cards on the market. Take its support, chin or we say Express everything set to default, say slot Eurasian Gentry. We are running 3dmark, we say express feature test, bandwidth, 13.8, gibbets per second, that's 3.0 gen4 see if it starts at all. Okay got the picture and bias is claiming it's 4 

0 enabled motherboard for 40 bucks. Oh wait. I'Ve been waiting all day 23. This is $ 40 motherboard, 40 bucks running we say Express 4.04 40 bucks, x5 70 chipset boards cost over 200 four-footed dollars. You can get to say Express 4.0. This is next level. Frankly, CPU doesn't overclock, it just doesn't work, CPU doesn't overclock, but the PCI Express 4.0 works AC. 

Turning off great, I guess the main you take away here if you shot before resin five, thirty, six hundred or thirty six hundred X. Just like this one - and you don't need all the features that X, 470 or X, 570 chipsets provide get a chip board, just don't overclock. Next up is 2600 X and 3,600 X. Comparison and motherboard match up stay tuned and subscribe with the bell and stuff and like or dislike. 

If it's and one more thing, if there's something you would like us to do with this setup, with this motherboard with the CPU with his GPU together, not together, let us know in the comment below ok. This is George majora's thick subscribe for more like dislike, subscribe, bail comment. Don'T comment like it share, so much work.