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AORUS Z690 Motherboard - Robust Power, Extreme Thermal Design, DDR5 OC Functions

AORUS Z690 Motherboard - Robust Power, Extreme Thermal Design, DDR5 OC Functions

AORUS Z690 Motherboard
- Hi, everyone we'll be looking at our brand new z690 motherboard, the new king of gaming. These boards are designed to push your 12th gen processors to the limit and bring out the best possible gaming performance.

What makes aorus reign supreme, robust power, design, overkilling, vrm and ssd thermal solutions and the exclusive ddr5 overclocking capability, he power design has always been oris's major forte. Now the whole z690 lineup will be favored by the true direct power design, which guarantees lower vrm temperature and better power efficiency. 

The majority of aorus z690 motherboards also come with premium tantalum polymer capacitors, which can effectively reduce any ripple effect, promising more stable power delivery under heavy loads.

The entire aorus z690 motherboard lineup features at least 16 phases of power. Like the z690 oris extreme. You can see a whopping 23 phase power phase design. We also push the power that could be delivered within each phase even higher. Now you can have up to 105 amp power delivery by a single phase of power.

All of these ensured aorus z690 motherboard fully support the new gen processors [, Music ]. We were the first and still the only brand that adopts fin type vrm heatsinks. Some said it's overkill, but we assume that nobody will say no to greater system stability with lower vrm temperature and higher power efficiency.

As mentioned earlier, the 12th gen cpus are power hungry, resulting in more heat generated and higher temperature under loads. That'S why we continue to upgrade our exclusive vrm technology to fins array 3, which features larger thin surface area compared to the previous generation.

The oars z690 motherboards employ gigantic m.2 heatsinks. We found that with the thermal guard in place, the m.2 ssds did not throttle even under stress test. Plenty of ddr5 overclocking functions are also worth mentioning on the aorus c690 motherboard lineup.

The first is ddr5 auto booster. All you need to do is enter the bios click enable and that's it now. The board will automatically overclock your native module to 5000 megahertz under loads for gaming or content creation with slightly more performance. 

Next is the ddr5 xmp booster, as the name suggests it can boost your native module to the xmp module or push your xmp module to a higher speed. Just enter the bios find ddr5 xmp booster, and you will see a series of xmp profiles which are already built in on the board.

Just choose the profile you like save it, and your ddr5 memory will turn into xmp modules, which deliver you better performance without any extra cost. If you're an oc expert, we also prepared something more advanced for you go to the advanced memory setting for full control of your memory modules. 

You could even come up with your own xmp profile here. If you successfully managed to attain remarkable ddr5 results, please also let us know, and we will be quite happy to share with our community if you're looking for a motherboard for maxing out your newly bought 12th gen processor, the aorus z690 motherboards are undoubtedly your best choice. Thank you for watching, and we will see you next time.