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ASUS Prime H410M-E vs MSI H410M Pro - Which is Best ?

ASUS Prime H410M-E vs MSI H410M Pro

ASUS Prime H410M-E vs MSI H410M Pro
- Hi Guys Welcome to TechnicalGuideKV And in this video we'll be talking about Best H410 motherboards, which are based on Intel 10th Generation, LGA 1200 Socket. So in todays, video we'll be talking about 10th Gen intel based H410 motherboards and which H410 is good and worth buying. 

I have always made videos on Best AMD, Ryzen, motherboard and always left intel, But now, I will be covering intel also for people interested in Intel Builds So lets see which motherboard is good on H410 Platform. So let's get started First things. First, all the motherboard links are available in description box below.

I am also sharing links of good B460 motherboards along with H410. I am providing links of all h410 and b460 motherboards, which I feel is good in performance and also in specifications We'll be covering 2 motherboards. One is from ASUS and other is from MSI. First, I will tell you about ASUS Prime H410M E motherboard. This motherboard supports 10th Gen Intel core i3 i5 and i7 CPUs.

It supports Pentium Gold and Celeron Processors also, So it will only support CPUs, which are 10th Gen or compatible with LGA 1200 Socket. It also supports intel turbo boost technology, Both 2.0 and 3.0. Core Boost are supported by this.

Mobo 2.0 will be supported by all 10th Gen CPUs, but 30 will support only those intel 10th Gen CPUs which are compatible with it. It comes with 2 RAM slots and supports maximum of 64GB DDR4 RAM, So you can easily upgrade to 64GB Talking about Speeds. Then it supports upto 2933MHz RAM. This motherboad also supports Intel XMP.

So you can run your RAM on full frequencies using XMP. It has 1 x, D-SUB and 1 x. Hdmi 1.4b display ports available Talking about storage, it has 1 x M.2 slot and it supports M. NVME devices. And it also supports M2 Sata incase. If you want to use it, It also has 4 SATA ports with which you can connect SATA, Hard disk or SSD. Now, moving to audio this motherboad comes with Realtek ALC887 Audio codec, which supports 7.1 Also. 

My motherboard also has the same audio codec and the audio quality is very good. I did'nt faced any audio issues with this codec and it also supports Surrond Sound Systems without any issues. It also supports 7.1, so you can use your 7 supported headphones. Also, It comes with 2 x, USB 3.2 Gen 1 and has 2 x USB 2.0 ports, so it has a total of 4 USB ports on its rear I/O panel. You can have more usb ports by using USB 2.and 3.0 internal connectors for Cabinet USB. 

Now talking about special connectors, like case fans, RGB connectors, So this comes with only 1 case fan header. So if you want to use more fans in your case, then you'll have to purchase a Fan, splitter, cable or fan controller hub. Also, there is no RGB header on this and it was obvious, as it is a entry level motherboard.

So you cannot use RGB connectors with this mobo. The price of this motherboard is Rs.5,500 ( Indian Currency, ), = 75 USD approx For the price. Motherboard is very good and intel motherboards are little expensive, also than AMD Ryzen motherboards. It also has M2 NVME slot, and the VRM section of the mobo looks very good compared to Gigabyte H410 motherboards MSI H410 VRM is also good, but ASUS Prime H410 has really got cool VRMs. 

Now, let's talk about MSI H410M PRO Motherboard Best Buy links of this motherboard is in description box and also of B460 motherboards. It supports all Intel Core 10th gen processors and Pentium Gold and celeron. Also, This motherboard also supports Intel XMP.

This motherboard also has 2 RAM Slots and supports upto 64GB RAM. You can easily upgrade to 64GB RAM, As this is a PRO motherboard. It does come with such PRO features too. This motherboard has M2 E type connector, which supports only Wi-Fi M. modules, Its a very good thing that you are getting 1 special M2, for Wi-Fi Now talking about display ports, it has every display output. 

This comes with 1 x, DVI, 1 x, VGA and 1 x, HDMI 1.4 port. It also comes with 4 SATA ports with which you can connect 4 SATA drives, and it also has 1 x M2 NVME slot, So it supports M2 NVME and M2 SATA. This motherboard comes with Realtek ALC892 Codec and it also supports 71 channel.

Now, this codec is slightly better than ALC 887 codec present on ASUS motherboard, Even though they are almost identical, but ALC892 is newer and upgraded, so it will have some newer features and fixes which 887 does'nt have now lets talk about it's internal connectors. It comes with 1 System Fan connector, and this motherboard also has a support for 1 x, 4pin RGB Header. This motherboard has one more RGB Header, which is 3 pin Rainbow Header, So you can connect Coolers like AMD RGB Stock coolers, but this is a intel.

Motherboard and intel does not provide RGB Stock coolers. So you can connect cooler's which come with Rainbow lights, on Fans and coolers, or you can use it to connect Rainbow led case fans Do remember its a 3 pin header and you cannot use 4pin RGB connectors with it.

Rgb Headers of different types are not compatible with each other. Just like Single, LED Headers are not compatible with RGB Headers. Now, as this is a PRO motherboard, it will be expensive and you will get many extra features, also like EZ Debug LED, which is also present on my MSI Motherboard.

It has Boot means your storage device, VGA means graphics card, DRAM is for RAM and CPU means Processor. Whichever component gets bad the light for it will start blinking. It will either blink or be static. This motherboard has got plenty of USB ports. It has 2 x USB 3ports and comes with 4 x, USB 20 ports on its I/O, So there is a total of 6 USB Ports on this motherboard. 

So you got support for 6 USB Ports out of the box, and you can get more using internal USB Connectors Approx. You will have 8 ports in total, using internal USB connector 6 on mobo and 2 on cabinet. It has got one more PRO feature that is its PCI 16x for Graphics Card is armored protected and made up of Steel, Its VGA slot or GPU Slot is armored type and is steel protected The VGA Slot or the PCI Lanes slot is armored or steel protected. It will protect your card from bending and you can use heaviest graphics card.

Not too much heavy, but, yes, you can use heavy cards with this motherboard And it's pricing is also PRO. Currently. The price on amazon is Rs.6900/- ( 93 USD roughly ) Links are in the description box below you can buy the products using the link to support our channel Asus prime motherboard is available on primeabgb website and link is provided in the description box below

Amazon links will be added as soon as it comes on Amazon. I will also add Best B460 motherboard links, so do check the description box. That'S it for today's video. Before ending, let me tell you, which is Best VFM among these 2 motherboards, So ASUS Prime H410 is the best VFM Motherboard available in the market. Asus prime h410. Motherboard wins the Best VFM H410, as it costs only Rs.

500, Because this is the only motherboard which comes under Best VFM Category, Paying Rs.7000 for a H410 Motherboard is not VFM. You can get a good B460 by just adding Rs2000 to 3000 ( around 30 USD ). You will also get extra benefits of B460. B460 will have M2 Thermal Guard, VRM, Heatsinks and other advantages of B460.