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GIGABYTE Z490 VISION G Motherboard | Overview & Explained

GIGABYTE Z490 VISION G Motherboard

GIGABYTE Z490 VISION G Motherboard
- I introduced the Z490 VISION G. Thank you for always watching GigaByte's Vision, G mother, which has finally been released in Japan. For the time being, Amazon in the United States has set an intermediate grade, (about 20,000 yen) for creators, (value in Japan. ). Isn'T it wrong , The CPU socket is for Intel's 10th generation 

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Ok, so let's take a look at the placement of Mazabo Intel 10th Generation Socket 1200 BIOS update, `` Q Flash'' dedicated USB port DDR4 memory Is up to 128GB Supports up to 32GB, with one DIMM Double-sided latch overclocks up to 5,000MHz, but only i9 or i7, i5 and i3.

Otherwise, up to 2666MHz PCIe x8 ( middle one ) shares lane with PCIe x16. Above so both If you use PCIe x16, will automatically become x8. If you connect M.2 SATA to the bottom M.2 port, you will not be able to use SATA1 Intel often changes sockets, but it's changed again from the 10th generation.

The 8th & 9th generation, socket 1151 has changed to the socket 1200 8th & 9th generation. Cpus can't be used, Intel has released 6 types of chipset for desktop. Yo Z490 is high-end. I compared the specifications of the four major chipset.

If you want to overclock on a gaming PC, you should choose Z490 GigaByte Z490 Vision. G is designed for creators. Especially expandability durability and performance (. That'S OK for gamers at all ). One of the selling points of this Mazabo is the VRM power supply, It's quite reliable because it uses the direct 12-phase VRM.

Each VRM efficiently digitally powers, the CPU This makes it work stably even under high load and high OC. This pineapple-like heat sink can be effectively cooled due to its unique shape: `` Micro block heat sink''. It'S interesting that Gigabyte supports full overclocking on 10th generation CPUs without a fan on the heat sink like other Mazabos There'S an M2 4x4 slot just below the CPU and above PCIe x16, But it can't be used in the 10th generation In the 10th generation.

There is a problem with signal integration with other hardware in M.2 Gen 4, so it can't be used. Pcie, 4 0 is overclocked using a clock, generator Vision. G is equipped with Gen4 clock generator, `` IDT6 V4 1801BN''. It supports PCIe 4 by overclocking, but M 2 Gen 4 is not supported in the 10th generation Vision. G is M.2, Besides Gen 4, there are two M.2 slots.

These two are connected to the Z490 chipset. The middle M.2 can use NVMe and the bottom can use both M.2 NVMe and SATA types. But if you use SATA type M 2, with M. Below, you cannot use SATA # 1. If you want to stab two M.2, it is better to use NVMe for both. There are 3 PCIe x16 slots, but the best The top is x16 and the bottom is x8 Band The width is shared by the two slots, so if you use both slots, both will be x8. The I / O panel has a USB-C, but it's not a Thunderbolt 3.

Isn'T it Thunderbolt 3 is a motherboard. It has a header on the top and can be used for retrofit cards. It'S nice to have a USB3 2 Gen2 Type-C header for the front panel. You can choose a case with Type-C. Intel I225V B2 stepping version for 2.G Ethernet controller. 

I think I should have chosen Dragon 2 5G, at least because GigaByte is developed for creators, but I think that DDR4 memory supports up to 128GB with i9 /, i7 /, i5 /, i3 and Celeron. It seems that overclocking is different. Vision G supports OC of XMP profile memory up to 5000MHz, but i9 and i7 only support i5, i3 Celeron, etc. 

Only support up to 2666/2400 / 2133MHz Choosing GigaByte Vision G In order to bring out the performance you have to choose between i9 and i7. Finally, the conclusion is that this motherboard is equipped with a VRM power supply that can be fully overclocked even with i9. That is the greatest strength. 

The white appearance is also good. Motherboards are targeted at creators, but VRM power supplies that can be overclocked perfectly are also good for gamers. The price in Japan is a little high, but .Isn'T it a celebration price in Japan, The GigaByte, Z490 Vision G motherboard has an attractive, look, expandability and performance If you're building a PC with the Z490.