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ASRock B550M Pro4 Motherboard Review

ASRock B550M Pro4 Motherboard Review

ASRock B550M Pro4 Motherboard Review
- Hello,Thank you very much for  Being here. It'S not good thatthis to  stay on your conscious that you brokesome girl's heart, especially the boys i know mostly boys are watching me.

So watch me okayin. Today'S video, i'm gon na present you partone of the parts that i picked for my colleaguesbuilt. My colleagues, who is the best medicalstudent in my university, asked me to build himhis first ultimate gaming pc with his last savedmoney. The budget is 1700 euro and it needs toinclude everything peripherals, monitor speakers, even a graphic card. This crisis, this crisis onearth for gpus.

It'S very hard to find suitable gpubut. I still managed to find him the gabitech powerphantom gpu and we fit into the very tight budgeti did my best. I read a lot of articles and reviewsin order to pick each one of the parts and iam very proud. With my first part that i pickedand this is his motherboard, the ultimate budgetamd motherboard he has. The beautiful bmdthis is my first amd build.

I'M so excitedi will do a special view. How i play the cpu intothe socket because that's the first time i'mtouching an amd cpu and i'm gon na put in a socketit's so hard. This is very, it makes you feel verystressed about, but i'm sure i will do it youknow. This thing this feeling, when the processorfits into the socket it's a calming feelingokay, let's check the motherboard that i chose astro b 550m pro 4

This is the motherboardapparently that has the best reviews in uhinternet i checked neweck. I checked amazon, pcpart picker everybody's super happy with theperformance of this motherboard and the price youcan find it for from 87 to 114 dollars.

It dependsuh, if you're gon na, take it on sale or notbut. This is the same price for a motherboardlike this that has everything usb type-c pciexpress for it's super cool heatsinks, you willsee yourself. Let'S check it out, the box is nothingspecial. You know i'm little bit spoiled. Withmy motherboard or extreme motor force z390 andyou remember that box in that ultimate unboxingbut.

This is just normal box of a motherboard ishouldn't be picky because a lot of people willbe happy. This is, after all, his first gaming buildthat. He gave the money to me and he put his trustin me and i'm not going to disappoint him. I read alot about motherboards. This one has everything onthe right price.

I always like that stroke, theyhave very nice, white motherboards, so beautiful okay. Here we see the io shield cool everythingpacked in separate back. I really like this aboutmotherboards. It attracts me a lot when isee each part packed in a separate back idon't know it makes me feel expensive. Then wehave, two m2 screws each well.

This is too bigpackage for an m2 screw, but who am i to judgethen two sata cables? One of them is 90 degreeoh. We will have some cool, cable managementhere because 90 degree looks so aestheticwhen you put it. Then the quick installationguide people are super happy with this quickinstallation guide. 

I guess a lot of companiesshould take a example from us rock in order tomake, the best installation guide, everything hereis with pictures, one, two, three one, two three youdon't need to wonder: what is what sports screwswhere?

Where is what, even with these pointers great great for people who just built a computer for the first time, it's not my first time, building a computer, but i really highly appreciate this instructions, because it's my first amd build here there's pictures how to install your cooler look. 

Everything is so pointed out. Thank you, astro finally, i'm seeing a good installation guide in my life. It smells nice, nice new book, sorry book worm then. We have our disc this little bit old, no is till highly appreciate it.

They still included you can still use it. Then here we have the motherboard in electrostatic pack electrostatic back. What do we see? This is the i o. Section there are seven usb type: a ports, and one usb type c ports; two usb type2.ports, one usb type, a port 3.2 generation; 2, the other usb 3.0 generationone. 

Three audio jacks display portvga port hdmi, port gigabit, lan port and bracketfor wi-fi antenna moving on to the onboard headerstwo Usb point: zero headers, two usb 3.2 Generation one header, we don't have usbtype c headers. 

There are audio headers, rgb, andargb, headers, seamless, jumper, to add up a buttonheader for the speakers and power led headers thevrms are with six phase design stable, big heatsinkfour dim slots for memory. There are also six sataports, which is a lot for micro, itx, motherboardtwo or exactly three m2 ports.

One of them is witha heatsink and it supports pci. Express generationfour is badly placed underneath the cart where thecart will be, but it's connected directly to theprocessor. 

The other m2 is lacking a heatsink andit shares one lane with the set of ports. 5 and 6which is bad, because if you enable the ssdyou disable the sata ports, the last m2 is forwi-fi card. There are plenty of fan, headers, six icalculated them.

This motherboard is a great choicein, the budget sector on prices below hundreddollars. You can find it even right now. I'M happywith my choice of motherboard. For my click there'severything, you need nice vrms heatsink. 

It's sturdythere is also a double couple layer on the pcb forextra performance and overclocking possibilitiesa lot of ports a lot of headers everything youbasically need, i'm happy with this motherboardmore close. Look.