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Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Review: Glorious, Luxurious Motherboard Excess

Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Review

Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme Review
- Hey guys today we're going to talk about the asus z690 maximus extreme this is going to be the newest platform and pretty much one of the baddest motherboards you can actually buy and i don't mean that in a negative way.

I mean in a very cool way albeit a little bit expensive today we're going to talk about the specs you can expect on the motherboard of this caliber some of the features we're going to talk about the design including the rgb.

It has a really cool oled display that we're going to talk about as well as value for the dollar it's going to be a little bit expensive are there other options that may be cheaper or is this pretty much an ideal enthusiast motherboard.

We're also going to talk about some things you should know before considering the purchase of such a product so let's get started so intel with the 12th generation finally really strikes back pretty hard at amd with some highly highly competitive products a motherboard like this will probably fit the best with a 12-900k.

Because after all when the motherboard is this expensive you really need to pair it with pretty much the best that you can find now the tables have turned a little bit i remember myself years ago buying the x299 rampage six extreme.

Which you could consider sort of like a grandfather to this type of motherboard that was on the hedt or the enthusiast platform where you could pair a two thousand dollar cpu to it with the 18 core 7980xc now the cpu is very very powerful but it's in the mainstream lineup and it costs considerably less than this particular motherboard which has an msrp of 1099. 

So the pricing structure for premium motherboards certainly have gone up since that it's not like this is even a threadripper or you know a zeon class motherboard it's simply the fastest gaming type of chipset that you can get at least until amd responds in like with their newer generation.

So let's get some basics out of the way just so you understand some of these specs and some of these specs may actually be the reason that you buy a motherboard like this first it's going to be eatx which is going to be a larger form factor than atx.

So remember that if you have a smaller case not every single case will support a motherboard like this it's a little bit bigger i actually did my build in the liam lee desk which has ample room for something like this.

But i've also used eatx and other very large cases for example even the liam lee dynamic dxl that can easily take a motherboard of this size but just remember if you put this in a smaller case while it may fit you may have some issues with the perimeter and putting your cabling in your wires.

Especially the grommets coming in through the back so that's certainly going to be sort of a build note that you want to keep in mind when working with a larger motherboard now this motherboard will support exclusively intel alder like 12th generation processors.

That means if you have anything from last generation like an 11 900k it's not going to work on this this is lga 1700 so you'll likely want a high end 12th generation like a 12 700 k or 12 900 k if you really want to push it to the max now one nice feature is that many motherboards of z690 are not compatible with traditional coolers.

That are used to lga 1200 asus and this motherboard in particular one of the nice features is that it's completely backwards compatible with the lga 12 000 coolers if you're going to use a water block or an aio it has the little holes and spacing so that way.

You don't even have to use an adapter that's certainly something very smart that asus did because after all nobody wants to go out and buy a completely new cooler every time a new motherboard system comes out you're not going to be as lucky with ddr5.

Because this motherboard that's the only thing that it's going to take keep in mind on average ddr5 is still much more expensive than a dddr4 which has been around for a lot longer and as of the current time the performance gains.

You're gonna get with ddr5 really aren't all that tremendous in fact there's another important note you should know about these motherboards in particular if you're the type that likes to fill the four slots with ddr memory you're not really going to be able to do it with mass effect on this particular motherboard now while it is dual channel.

If you want to put four dimm sticks of dddr5 ram on this motherboard with four dimms most likely you're not going to be able to hit the advertised speed if you want to use the xmp profile in bios it's going to be limited to sort of the base speed.

If you do want to take maximum advantage of that expensive dddr5 ram most likely you're going to want to put two higher capacity ram modules in here with two you're still going to get that dual channel and you're not going to have any issues with being limited to the base speed going further down the spec list.

Let's talk about another feature that will drive people towards this motherboard that's going to be in connectivity we're going to split this up into two sides first you have your traditional usb usbc this motherboard has a lot of ports there certainly is nothing more frustrating than a high-end motherboard.

With limited usb ports and there are many that do exist that really fall short but this one certainly doesn't you're gonna have more than enough usb ports as well as usbc and to make connectivity even better you're also going to have access to thunderbolt 4. 

Now this may not be necessarily as interesting for every user but somebody buying this motherboard thunderbolt 4 has a tremendous amount of applications first in external storage you can get so many different drive arrays that use thunderbolt 4 and that's just going to give you much higher speeds than usb.

If your use case calls for maybe multiple gpus or external gpus you can plug in one of those thunderbolt 4 gpus right into the system and it's going to work without any issue and then of course the second level of connectivity is going to be sort of your networking now for those that do want to use wi-fi.

This is going to have the newer wi-fi 6e and even though most enthusiasts even until today do prefer to have a you know cabled ethernet connection which of course generally is going to be the fastest lowest latency way that you want to connect but let's face it not everybody has their router in their home.

Next to your computer and at least if you have a powerful router something with wi-fi 6 you're going to be able to get a considerably better wi-fi performance than we've been used to during the last several years of course you have both 10 gigabit and 2.5 gigabit lan that you can use not only for your internet connection.

If you're lucky enough to have very fast speeds but if your use case calls for 10 gigabit networking within your you know your home or your office you can certainly take advantage of that with much faster speeds many backup devices such as which are very important and sort of that hybrid workflow of content creators and professionals.

So all of those connectivity options are a major reason why maybe this price may be worth it to you and while of course there are other motherboards that may have 98 of the features of something like this but if your use case calls for having you know thunderbolt 4 10 gigabit networking certain things are only going to be found in these higher end motherboards and of course don't forget m.2 drives.

Now these are getting faster and faster with pcie generation 4 and generation 5 which this motherboard supports even though that technology is still in its infancy technically you can certainly do it it's going to be the top slot but typically.

You're going to want to put either three on the motherboard or you do get an accompanying sort of little dim card it almost looks like ram and goes right up next to where the ram actually is and there you can add an additional two m.2 drives in order to just have the most amount of drives possible.

Now a couple of nice features that are very nice to have as the pcie slot you can now press a button and it's going to release the gpu it's considerably easier imagine if you have this in a water cooled build or a build that you don't have as easy access you have to get your finger in there sometimes it's a little bit tricky especially.

If you like swapping parts out or you're doing different things to your build having that button certainly can be a lifesaver and also keep in mind above that first slot where you would have your gpu it does recess out a little bit.

So if you have a gpu with a very thick backplate especially if it's one of these newer water cooled ones with the active backplate keep in mind you may not be able to fit it there so before you choose your gpu and pair it with this motherboard just make sure it's going to have you know a lower level smoother backplate.

So you don't have any issues hitting that m.2 cover that's right above the first slot and for those brave few amongst you that still want to do a double gpu setup perhaps nv link or sli you will be able to this is going to have a four slot spacing.

So if you're looking for your envy link bridge you're going to want to get the four slot ones and a lot of these specs so far are things that might be unique to higher end motherboards this of course is going to have a plethora of other features that you would expect to find on even a mid-range motherboard for example plenty of fan connectors.

You can set them in the bios there's even the asus software with the armory crate you do have pretty nice control let's talk about some of the interesting design elements first this motherboard is extremely heavy weighing in at over three kilograms or over six pounds definitely one of the heaviest motherboards that i have ever held now that gives it an extremely high end feel front is full of the covers and the plating for your m.2.

But it also serves as being a very impressive aesthetic and certainly the visual and rgb effects are very impressive on this motherboard there's something called the animate matrix display as well as a two inch oled.

You can have everything from graphics here or it can even display your cpu temperatures or various other things that relate to the information in your computer now the features and the design i think are going to cover a lot of use cases and a lot of buyers that may be interested in a motherboard like this.

Then of course we definitely have performance to consider as well typically for high-end motherboards performance becomes a little bit of diminishing returns for example the power stages here are more than sufficient to take care of like a 12 900k.

Even if you overclock it you have all of the features that will give you more performance such as the automatic overclocking or a very flexible bios if you want to manually tinker and even overclock the cpu yourself.

But i will say for example there are cheaper options that may perform as good or in some cases even better if you're just looking for strictly performance such as the z690 apex which is a motherboard that's geared towards cpu overclocking and it may even perform a little bit better than this not that most people would notice.

But you will save several hundred dollars then you just have to look at your particular use case and see what features you can get with this type of aesthetic with type of performance that those motherboards while they may be pretty close it may last something like maybe 10 gigabit networking or something like that that you really need and at the end of the day you may just really like the design aesthetic of.

What is an extreme motherboard and want to go with that there's definitely nothing wrong with that very fine motherboard if you're okay with that sort of msrp of 1099. since z690 is a new platform hopefully when the next cpu releases you'll be able to just pop that in here and given the caliber of this motherboard and the features that's going to be another big advantage.

It's a lot more future proof than something that's not going to have quite the performance or the connectivity capabilities of something like this so certainly has the ability of lasting considerably longer and well into the next generation alright guys i hope you enjoyed the video remember to check out my review on as well and let me know if you have any questions down below