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ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WIFI Overview

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WIFI

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E
- Can your motherboard do this? Hey guys!  First things first, thank you ASUS Singapore for lending me this ASUS Strix Z690-E gaming WIFI to review. Yes everyone's raving about the awesome q-release on this motherboard!

But, there are actually more noteworthy features on this motherboard. But before we get to the board let's do a very simple unboxing. All right, let's open the box: Okay so first thing we have the motherboard. Let's set it aside first. I have removed the manual, this is the manual.

Okay there's another box inside the box. This is where all of the accessories are. So this is the Hyper M.2 card. The DVD for chipset drivers.This guy saved me the first time when i got this motherboard, but, right now the board is launched.

So just download the latest drivers from the ASUS website. The ROG keychain! Thank you card from ASUS for buying this motherboard. You definitely have to jazz up your motherboard with stickers.

The ASUS ROG graphics card holder, more on this later. Yup these are the M.2 rubber packages; A whole package of cable ties, 4 SATA cables; This guy on the left I believe is an additional Q-latch, and this is the back plate for a Q-latch.

Kind of confusing, but I guess this is what they are? And lastly these are a pair of screws, for you to install SSDs on the Hyper M. BEST Z690 Motherboard As of Yet? ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WIFI Overview 2 card. Because the Hyper M.2 has two SSD slots, that's why you have a pair of them. And back to this motherboard Are you ready? Let's go!

The centre piece on this motherboard of course is the new LGA1700 socket supporting your new 12th gen CPUs.

The first noteworthy thing here, unlike the other Z690 motherboards motherboards that I've shown you, you can see there's, two pairs of drill holes! Motherboard supports both lga 700 as well as 200coolers. However, asus recommends that you use thelga 700 cooler for this motherboard and it's notto say that you can't use lga 1200 but make surethat. 

You check your cooler before installing onthis motherboard talking about intel chop, gen thismotherboard comes with two 8-pin cpu power in butquestion is. Do you really need to use both 8-bitswell? One pin is fitted for 260 to 280 watts, andintel's chocolate and its pl2 state consumesabout 240 Watts of power.

So technically you cansurvive with just one a pin if you plan to use achopped 9k on this motherboard, but anyway sincethere's an additional ap here, just plug it. Inmore power does not hurt for your cpu a smallnote anything here. 

If you do not plug in the 8 pinthere's an led here that will light up to remindyou to do so. Okay, before we get on to the mainawesome part of this section, ide, let's take a lookat, some haters and ports. They may want to knowfirst going on with the new asus motherboardfashion.

The aio pump header is next to thecpu, socket, making it very convenient to plugin and rob your aio pump wire. There are noshortage of fan headers up to five of them. Onthis new motherboard one at the top next to thecpu power, one next to the palm header, two on theright next to the setup ports and one more at thebottom right before the front panel, headers nextsimilar to the top of z690. 

If you need to justhave your pc, there are three aigb headers on thismotherboard, one on the top and two on the bottomleft and one chalkboard rgb header next to thetop arg header. Next, as this is a strix motherboardyou get both the q led as well as the q-code ledsfor dyno sticks.

I like how asus gives a differentcolor to each of the four dynamics, so you caneasily tell what's wrong with pc during bootson the other hand, the q-code led is very useful atany time. If there's an issue we shouldn't figureout, just see the code and refer to the manualyou will be able to resolve the issue which youare facing next up. 

If you need to clear your cmosand are wondering where's the clever cmos jumperokay, that's done, but don't fret at this pricerange. You have a clear cmos button at the back ioand, yes more on the back io at the later partof video, so make sure to stay tuned. For that allright, let's go on to the main mid of this 660ecoming from the z590e, which has four ml2 slotsand six serial ports.

This sexist 90e has onemore mb2 slot, giving it five no two slots, andsix zero ports. You are flying, there's only threeml2 slots. Wait hold your horses. There are fivem.2 slots, of which two of them are found on thehyper mb2 card.

I am not going to go through allthe slot configs for the hyper and blue cardwhich can be a topic for another video, but themain and auto stocks are as follows. The first m.2slot operates at pcie 50. X4, while the second andthird slot operates at pcie 4.0 x4.

If you havea serial ml2 ssd install it in the third ml2slot. If you manage to fill in all five ml2 slotsthink about it, red 5 file server. Oh my goodness! Ah, sorry can't get enough of this awesomeq release. This first stop is pcie 5x6 important note here.

 If you are plugging ssdin, the first moto slot this pcie 5.0 storeonly operates at half speed at x8. Instead ofthe full existing speed, a bit of a bumper herebut. I guess that's probably not enough lens toserve 2 full length, pcie 5, as well as m2 5.0slots. 

This means, if you want to have your fulllength 5.0 exiting speed, you will need to installssd in the other ml2 slots. I am sure a source willhave, a better solution for this, for, let's say thez890e or even a z990e.If and when pci 5.0devices do appear actually what's the differencebetween, the pcie 4.0 x16 and the 50. X8 anyoneknows. You also can write down in the commentsum below back to topic.

The second pci slot is pci3.0 x1 great for your sound cards or your fullhd capture cards. I like that. There'S ample spacebetween the first slot, which is reserved for yourbeefy gpu and the second slot, so you can use thissecond slot. If you need to the third and fourthslots may look like full length X60 slots butthey operate at x4 speeds for regular pcie. 

Devices you can use a 4k capture card like elgato's, 4k60or, the third or fourth slots, or, if you want tohave a thunderbolt interface in your pc, youcan install thunderbolt card on the fourth slotbecause.It'S closest to the thunderboltheader as well as the usb 2.0 headers alsoanother thing to point out. Do you remember thisguy the gpu support bracket?

It is more than agpu support bracket. You have a nice mmtx buildyou have a nice reservoir in the corner and youwant to get gpu out, but somehow you can't reachthe q release button. What should you do do? Thisthis? Is the suse magic gpu one, so cool alrightlet's now go on to the back of the port okaygoing from left to right.

You have your usual 1dpone hdmi next to it at the top two usb 2.0 portsand, any price range. Of course, you must have aclear cmos button mentioned earlier as well. Asthe bios flashback button. Next to it four type aports.

These are gen one, two more usb 2.0 ports, atthe bottom, a gen, 2 type, a and a gen, 2 type c nextto it a 25 g lan port and at this bottom anotherusb gen, 2 type a and a gen 2 times 2 type c. Portyou also have your usual gold connectors for yourwi-fi 60 antenna, giving you wi-fi, 6e and bluetooth5.2 as well as auto jacks and optical spd outputokay. 

So what do i think about this new z690e ofcourse coming about asus as a streets? Motherboardis very awesome, a lot of features, a lot ofabnormal two slots, pcie slots and, of course, thevery magic q release, but but but this is to youi'm, not an asus mockpiece.

There are some thingswhich we will prefer to have on this motherboardnumber one. We get that it's pretty awesome to havefive ml2 slots on his motherboard. Yes, it's prettycool to have the hyper and blue card included inthe box, but we don't see anyone using that hypermode card for two more ssds or even four more ssdsperhaps. 

Removing the hyper moto card will make themotherboard 200 cheaper number two. Yes, you havefour pcie slots on this motherboard, but gordon andi prefer to have two slots capable of running pciex8 xsp each, but this configs only found on thehigh-end asus rg motherboards, which cost somuch money yeah. If you assume fanboy, go for itand number three, the ddr5 issue. 

This is not anissue. That'S only on this motherboard. We also seethe same issue with the other brand's motherboardbeing. That ddr5 ram is either one too expensive, ortwo kind of non-existent, but yeah, don't worry. 

Theother option is to buy a ddr4 motherboard such asthe asus, stuff, z690, d4. Motherboard they reviewedthe last time. ,Alright, if you like my overview, ofthis motherboard, make sure to smash the thumbs upbutton and yes, in the meantime, you can also catchmy review of the asus stuff, c690, d4.