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Intel Core i5-12600K Review - Leo and the Superhero CPU!

Intel Core i5-12600K Review

Intel Core i5-12600K Review
- We hit you with loads of news about the upcoming intel 12th gen processors, and also gigabyte motherboards of zeus, motherboards and msi motherboards, including this very msi mega z690 unify today, is the launch of the cpus.

which means we can tell you All about performance talabainfo has already covered the new core, i9 12 900 k, and now it's the turn of the core i5 12600k,  I covered our test procedures. The reasons why we chose the hardware that we're using today.

Let'S give you the 20 second overview, which is the test bench consists of msi mega z690 unify corsair vengeance, ddr5 32 gigabytes 5200 mega transfer, sabran rocket pci express gn4 ssd with firezone controller, core i5, 12600k, obviously corsair h150i elite lcd, cooler, sea sonic, prime titanium, 850 Watt power supply and rtx 3080 graphics.

We're ready to get testing when you start up your system with a high-end, msi, motherboard you're, typically faced with this screen, which doesn't make a lot of sense, so boxed cooler, which implies a small air cooler power limit 241 watts. That'S the standard intel profile tower air cooler power.

Limit 288 watts show me this tower air cooler that can handle that water cooler, 4096 watts. Well, we have a water cooler, but that's a lot. Okay, so we're doing that and then let's have a quick look around the bios to show you what is going on, so we enable xmp. We only have the one profile at the moment with this corsair memory. No doubt in future we'll have more uh settings not very interesting.

Here we go oc settings. So if we look down, we see that we have advanced cpu configuration, active, p cores performance. Cores we've got six. We can disable, therefore, up to five active e cores up to four. So it's six plus four, it's a 16 thread processor, as we can see on the easy screen so 6p 4e.

They have hyper threading. Those do not, and let's take a quick look at blender. So we can see how this 10 core 16 thread budget processor behaves so out of the box. We'Ve got 4.5 gigahertz for the p calls gigahertz for the e cores package Temperatures low 50s at the moment and power is 110 watts. It'S a pussycat by intel standards, of course, in amd terms, that's quite proper and beefy, but we've got plenty of cores pounding away at decent speeds. Faster than amd can muster 110 watts and temperature mid 50s intel extreme tuning utility or xtu version 7.5.3.

We have system information about the core i5 to 600k. We have a basic tuning option here. We do not have their speed optimizer, auto overclocking. That feature is only available at the moment for core i9 kkkf, apparently version 76 of this software, when it comes, will support more processors.

Don'T know if that includes the cry5, so we can do all sorts of overclocking manually, but we can't simply click a button and go for it. However, we can, if we choose bump up the performance cores to 50 times so five gigahertz and the efficient cause. 

We could take those to four gigahertz and we could apply and given that we're only running up 110 watts, we've got loads of headroom and then we can run a benchmark and we can see what happens, and that was indeed all that was required to raise the Clock speed from 4.5 gigahertz to 5 gigahertz. 

I can barely believe it, particularly as macor i9 testing didn't go half as well, overclocking that processor bumped up temperatures immediately to 100 celsius under load. When i get the next motherboard up, i'm certainly going to try some manual overclocking with that core i9, but the core i5. Perhaps it's just this core i5. 

The overclocking was really easy. So now, let's dive into our performance charts and tell you how it performed, starting with 7-zip compressing, the core i5 12600 k is in the middle of the table, just behind the ryzen 7 5800. Surprisingly, just behind the core, i9 10900 kf and above the old core, i7 11700 core i7 10 700, and way ahead of the ryzen 5

It'S a similar story in 7-zip decompressing. However, the overclocked and stock figures for the new choir 5 sit either side of the ryzen 5 5600x in bapco crossmark. Looking at the overall scores, the core i5 beats its older cousins comfortably, and then we move on to blender. 

This is the test that tells us everything we need to know and the core i5 12600k beats ryzen 7. forget about the old core i5s. This is going well, cinebench, r23 multi same story. The new core i5 is sitting in the middle of the table and running like a champ single threaded performance in cinebench r23. This is looking impressive in handbrake running an h.264 conversion. 

The new core 5 demolishes the old coil 5s and also ryzen 5 and ryzen 7 Handbrake h.265 again same story: we're taking the fight here to old core i9s 3d mark times by just the cpu score. Look how high up the chart this core i5 is climbing.

This is looking indecent and then we move on to games. So we start with deus ex, which is an old game and at 1080 the core i5 is performing astonishingly well, 1440p, there's nothing to choose in the frame rates, so it's reasonably high up the chart, but it's on par with pretty much every other processor in the Group, however, the old processors are way down. 

The bottom now far cry new dawn 1080. The new coi5s they're up high in the charts, far cry new dawn at 14, 40 The overclocked core i5 is flying along and then we come right up to date, far cry 6 at 1080.

This is almost unbelievable. This is a budget processor that is outperforming two-thirds of the field and it's the same story in far cry 6 at 14, 40.. The new core i5 is an absolute gem watch dog's legion at 1080. Again, the new core i5 is in the upper third of the chart.

When we go to watch dogs legion at 1440, a very few fps covers the entire field, so the auto core i5 is down low. The overclocked is up high, but you're only talking about 2 fps difference, ada64 memory, bandwidth, the processors at the top, with the enormous amount of bandwidth, are running ddr5. So in the ddr5 processors iE, the brand new older lake processors, the core i5, sits below coil 7 and core i9.

However, it demolishes the old ryzens and also the previous generations of intel processors in ada64 memory latency. We flip the position around the new processors on ddr5 have appalling latency, and then we do some analysis so cinebench r23.

How many points do you get per pound and the answer is many: it's a cheap processor that has good performance and it's at the top of the chart. Cinebench. R23. How many points do you get per watt of power at the wall socket? The answer is a lot.

Ryzen 9 is incredibly efficient, but the new core i5. It'S doing well power consumption at the wall socket, so the stock system running on auto two to five watts at the wall socket overclock it three one: five, that's an extra 90 watts for 500 megahertz. 

You can see that intel had left this processor running at a very efficient setting. The extra performance is easily taken off the table, however, you have to pay for it in power and it's the same story in temperatures so on auto a mere 61 celsius, albeit with this huge corsair, cooler, overclock it and now.

We're looking at 86 degrees celsius, which Is perfectly acceptable, but it's considerably hotter than the auto settings. If you weren't as impressed as i was by the performance of this new core five, then honestly, i don't know what to say blown away.

So my pros and cons for this process are pros. The good points top gaming performance at a sensible price - we can argue about sensible price, but these days 300 pounds is sensible. The combination of six p cores, plus four e cores beats ryzen 5 hollow. In essence, it's six against six, except these are six faster cores than amd's got. Plus you've got some extra cores.

It'S not a fair fight. I'M calling this processor excellent value for money. It makes you wonder why you should spend more than this unless you're doing serious, hardcore, video conversion work or some such but for gaming duties, this processor it pretty much, does it all. It runs nice and cool under load. Okay, this is a tricky area.

So obviously, i'm talking about when you're running on auto mode, rather than when you overclock for one thing, the difference in temperatures there is significant and for another thing it depends on the cooler you strap on. This is a substantial cooler, that's very effective. 

If you run on auto, you clearly do not need a 360 aio. On the other hand, if you're running overclocked, you need a 280 or 360 or a really big air cooler, so it depends, but nonetheless, this processor can be cooled without any difficulty whatsoever and the overclocking the 500 megahertz. Just by moving some sliders.

I don't know how lucky i've got in the silicon lottery of this one uh. Perhaps i'm uniquely blessed. Perhaps they all do this? I don't know i've got a sample of one but moving those sliders in intel software. It was just outrageously, simple, and the return was easy to see as to how far you want to go along that line, trading off power and heat for performance.

That obviously, is a personal choice, but xtu was just a pussycat with this processor. The cons only two but they're, reasonably large cons. The first is obviously you need to buy into intel's 12th gen alder lake, the 600 series of motherboards, which is clearly a whole new type of uh hardware, and at the moment that means z690. 

So you could buy a cheapish z690 board, but it's not going to be cheap. You might decide to go from the ddr4 models. You haven't got to buy some expensive ddr5 memory and i'd understand that. But the processor is only part of the package. If you don't currently have a pci express gen, 4 ssd, you might be considering upgrading your ssds. 

At the same time, you could be spending a lot of money, in which case you might think, 300 pounds versus 400 require 7 or indeed a ryzen, 7 or 600 pounds, the core i9 stepping up to ryzen 9. If you're going down the other route, it might be, the price of the processor becomes slightly immaterial.

When you look at the overall cost and again that's something you have to bear in mind it. Might you think this process is the one for you and when the budget chipsets sub z690 come out, then you'll plump for this processor that may very well be the way to go. 

It depends when those other chipsets motherboards come out and then finally, the power. This process is using about 40 watts more than the comparable ryzen 5 Intel has caught up significantly in terms of efficiency with amd and tsmc, but they're not there. Yet.

On the other hand, they are stomping the ryzen 5 in performance and you're using more power to do that. So it's trade-off impressive, but it's not for free. Nonetheless, to my mind, this is a must-have. It'S a nine out of ten. You can toss up whether you want the ryzen 5 or the core i5.