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ASUS X570 ProArt CREATOR WiFi Review

ASUS X570 ProArt CREATOR WiFi Review

ASUS X570 ProArt CREATOR WiFi Review - So this over here is probably the best motherboard for creators so if you're a creator you should be super excited about this motherboard and this weird little spider thingy gumball because you can get these two working together in a very interesting way that can absolutely speed up your workflow plus give you a lots of awesome features for your small business or your small office.

If you're working on a few editors and things like that i'm super excited i hope you are let's talk about this one of the most exciting things about this motherboard is that this is also thunderbolt 4 compatible and while you're thinking like hey thunderbolt 4 has been on intel platforms for a long time but not on amd as far as i know these two boards are the only motherboards that have thunderbolt 4 port now this is the motherboard that is on the silent pro art video.

If you haven't seen that build then check this out but this is the b550 version of the motherboard and then this is the x570 wifi version of the motherboard so basically this is the smaller sister and this is the bigger brother or smaller brother bigger brother .

I have made a video about that and if you want to save some dough and want to get thunderbolt 4 a little bit cheaper than this one then definitely check out the review of the b550 asus pro art crater motherboard we're going to talk about this in the end of the video and why i think this in combination with this motherboard or this motherboard inside your pc with this router it's going to give you some awesome things.

Because i've been impressed but i'm going to put the motherboard aside in a moment and let's have a look what's inside the box first of all oops i forgot this over here is our wi-fi antenna little asus wi-fi antenna also bluetooth and antenna that you can just connect in the back of the motherboard i've got to mention that this is wi-fi 6e which is much faster than your usual wi-fi 6.

You've got your user guide dvd disk which is a little bit old you know dated some control center express and you know downloads and some more software stuff and things like that but let's have a look at the cables that you get with it you get four sata cables two of them are angled and two of them are straight then we have a display port cable and you're wondering.

Why do you get a display cable with the motherboard and the reason for that is that because you connect this cable from your graphics card to the motherboard and then you can get video signal out through the usbc parts that are in the back of the motherboard that are also a thunderbolt for ports then we have some of these like little rubber squares there's one in there and then two of them in this box.

Then there's one standoff with a screw over here and this is i think what every single motherboard manufacturer should include inside the box i'm so glad that asus i think has been copying this from gigabyte because gigabyte was the manufacturer who usually did them but basically the front panel connectors all the little switches and reset switches and led lights and hd lights what you can do is now connect them all to this little connector over here.

Then you don't have to fiddle them inside your computer case in the last thing that you want to do it's quite hard to do you put them all in here and then slot the whole thing on the motherboard on the bottom over there and there we go it's all sorted so as a creator what are some of the things that really excite me to see an am4 socket which means amd ryzen processors that are absolutely killing it at the moment provide much more cause and you know just awesome process.

I don't think i need to tell you that to have this plus thunderbolt 4 already an absolutely heavily made combo then let's have a look at the m.2 slots i'm gonna i've already unscrewed those um heatsinks as you can see you've got thermal pads and heatsinks over here ah this is where you're gonna put those rubber squares if your m.2 is like a little bit smaller.

You can put those in here you you see you have three of them over here and then it kind of lifts this also all the ender2 drives on these newer asus boards have this tool this connector so once you have done the screws actually from the heatsink you can use this like tool-less connector boom slide it inside and then it holds your ender2 in place on the previous b550 board we had two m.2 parts one of them were pci 4.0 

The other one 3.0 all of these three are pcie 4.0 capable now let's have a look at some of the other connectors and things that i think are important for you to know there are three usb 2.0 connectors over here you have some chassis fans or cpu fans or pump headers or optional headers there are eight altogether there is one two on the bottom over here then there's one over here that's three four five on the sides over here six seven eight all together then.

If you are a fan of rgb then there are some connectors over here you have uh two on here and two over here three of them are five volt connectors and then there's one 12 volt connector on the bottom over here now another important thing that you might want to know or if you want to run a lot more drives is you have six sata parts on the side over here let me turn it this way so it's a little bit better for you to see so as you can see six sata ports over here then there's another front panel usb 3.0 port.

This is five gigabits in speed now i'm just not gonna bore you with all the usb 3.1 3.2 gen 1 102 it's so confusing no one knows what the heck they mean so i'm basically going to tell you which are 5 gigabits in speed and which are 10 gigabits in speed this is usb 3.0 5 gigabits in speed and then you have a front panel connector over here that is usb c and that is 10 gigabits in speed.

So if your case has a usbc port that is 10 gigabits capable you can get that from this motherboard as well you've got your cpu power over here and this is eight plus four so if you even want to do some overclocking but it's plenty of power to run anything on this socket so plenty of power over there but the most exciting thing about this motherboard is when we get to this back panel over here first of all on the top over here.

We have hdmi and dpn so the dpin was what we're going to use the cable for that comes from your gpu comes to this dpn and then this goes through your motherboard inside here and then you have a video signal that comes out through these usbc ports that are also thunderbolt 4 compatible or rated then you have wi-fi and bluetooth antennas over here and bear in mind this is wi-fi 6e then these blue usb type a ports are five gigabits usb ports.

Then these turquoise a bit more greenish parts over here are 10 gigabits in speed a lot of very very fast connectivity then we have these two usb-c ports which i already mentioned are thunderbolt 4 compatible these are 40 gigabits per second bandwidth rated so basically you can either get super fast transfer speeds of files or you can run some external monitors so if some of your monitors run only through usbc.

It can actually transfer power and data through that you can either run two 4k displays or one 8k display through these usbc ports which is amazing so then we have our audio ports over here line inputs and outputs and all of these there is no optical input just so you know there is also a bios flashback usb like switch over here we have a 10 gigabit lan port over here and then a 2.5 gigabit lan port this is insane.

You can connect your nas straight in the back of this and get extremely fast transfer speed so if you've got one of those nozzles that nasa's nas that is super fast and you edit off it plug it in over here and you don't need a 10 gigabit card on the motherboard so basically because of even this over here whatever the motherboard costs just take minus 100 or 100 pounds off it.

Because this part on its own costs 100 pounds now it's time we talk about the actual little spider in the room over here which is this and you're wondering laurie why do you even talk about this this is a motherboard review like how is this related to creators and i think if you are a creator that looks for an awesome system office internet data transfer system then these this combo is what you should really consider because it offers some awesome features.

If you think about everything you get it's not that bad of a price now both of these things aren't cheap but they pack tons of awesome features if you want to check off any of these i'm going to leave the links in the description below but this is a wi-fi router from asus as well and this is the rtax89x model basically this is a super fast wi-fi router that has wi-fi 6e as well so these two can connect to each other super super fast now let me show you some of the parts so you know how good this little connector over here is.

First of all we've got to start over here so this is where your internet comes in from your router that comes into your house you probably have some kind of router or something like that then these are like the most exciting parts i'm gonna give you them straight away these two are both 10 gigabit ports so if you want to transfer files between your pcs your nas and nas pc then these two parts just give you that option which is amazing how often do you see a 10 gigabit port on your wi-fi router it's insane?

You might not even need a switch if you if you're thinking man i need like internet connection i might need a switch at home because of these two parts you might actually can save the money on a switch and get this one instead because you can connect these two one of them is f sfp plus port and one of them is the usual rj45 copper pod so you can get an adapter for this and then get two rj45 ports if you want to let's move on to this side.

You have four plus four one gigabit ports so these are like internet out so these goes through your nas your computer other computer laptop other things like that so you have eight of these available so you can run quite a few things if you need to put it into any of the devices so if you have a small office this should be plenty to power quite a lot of those without needing a switch but then these two are exciting here two usb ports are fantastic to have on a router especially because these are five gigabits in speed you can get quite an interesting transfers.

If your compute is connected to one of those 10gb parts you can actually get five gigabits transfer speeds from like an external ssd that's connected over here over the internet or through wifi or something like that so basically these two usb ports give you the option to create a basically like a gnar so make any of your hard drives or ssds into a network and stats attached storage so basically just plug it in here.

It's available within your wi-fi or network network cable network so your internet network at home or office now these are available so you can either share files share bigger files put all your photos on one of the drives and then you can access them on your laptop wirelessly anyone who's in their network which is just amazing it makes file sharing so much easier in your office in your home things like that.

So as you can see to have this two combo because of the 10 gigabit part over there and the wi-fi 6e both plus this wi-fi 6e you get super nice connection and super fast connectivity to share the files and not be like waiting while your files transfer or things like that it's amazing plus the setup for this has been so easy to set up this is like the easiest thing you ever do just plug it in look in the manual it just all comes on on your browser.