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Gigabyte B660I AORUS Pro DDR4 Overview

Gigabyte B660I AORUS Pro DDR4 Overview

Gigabyte B660I AORUS Pro DDR4 Overview
- The only problem is they've been very, very hard to get until now,  This is what we do here so today. We'Re review the gigabyte b60i auris pro ddr4 this little guy here so without further ado. Let'S take a bit of a closer look at this new board from gigabyte, but with all of our motherboard content.

So we can take a look at what comes in the box and what's physically, on the board with these new boards. So, let's dive in here it is ladies and gents - the gigabyte b660i aorus pro ddr4, but let's do what we usually do: let's get the motherboard out of the box, so we can take a bit of a closer look at everything that comes with this new itx Board from gigabyte for intel's 12th gen cpus first up, we've got these pwm breakout cables. 

Now these are designed to save surface area on the motherboard. But to be honest, i don't really like these, because recently i've had a bunch of these break so gigabyte. Please put normal pwm connectors back on the boards.

Okay, there's also two sata or sata cables for your 2.5 inch ssds or your spinning rash, drives. There'S also the wi-fi antenna for the built-in wi-fi, six and bluetooth, there's a single m.2 screw for the single m.2 slot that is on this board, there's also a 4-pin 12-volt, rgb extension cable.

They basically put this in the box because it's hard to get to the rgb header on this board. There'S gigabytes warranty commitment card now. This will be different depending on the region that you get your board. This is a retail version from australia. So that's what it looks like here and last but not least, the b660i oris pro ddr4 manual.

Now this is to help you find out where everything is on the board, what everything is and how to do. Some simple bios configuration, but let's unsheath this new b660i board from gigabyte, so we can take a bit of a closer look at everything on the board. 

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We'Ve got the front panel header for your lights and all your switches to let you know your systems up. There'S a usb 2.0 front panel header there's also a usb type-c front panel header there's a 4 pin: 12 volt rgb header.

This is not addressable and in front of that is a usb 3 2 header there's also four sata or sata ports for your 2.5 inch ssds or your spinning rast drives. And lastly, there is a 24 pin power connector to send juice to your brand new board on the top edge of the board. 

There are the two pwm fan connectors that you need those breakout cables for there's, also a full size, pwm fan header and an eight eps power connector to send juice to your brand new 12-gen intel cpu. So, what's the pcie slot there's a front panel, audio header hiding back there and there's also a 3-pin 5-volt addressable rgb header as well, there's also a full by 16 pcie gen 4 slot down there as well for your graphics card.

Let'S pop the socket open on the lga 1700 socket just in case you've. Never ever seen this before. It is different to intel's older sockets, and if we take a bit of a closer look, you will notice that there is a lot more contact pins inside this new socket. It'S also a physically larger, socket too. 

This board has a eight plus one plus one digital vrm setup, with 90 amp power stages, and you can see that it's got very beefy heatsinks the whole i o cover is a heatsink and there's also heat pipes that connect the heat sinks together.

So there's one that connects the top heatsink to the one on the i o cover and then there's another heat pipe that connects that down to the chipset and m.2 cooler. If we flip the board over, you can see that it's got a full cover back plate, which is an oris thing to do on the iit exports most other boards. 

You probably won't see it like this for memory support. It supports two ddr4 ram modules: overclockable up to 53 33 mega transfers with a total of 64 gigs of ram all right, let's pop off the m. heatsink. So we can take a little bit of a closer look at the m.2 slot on this board. There'S actually two heatsinks ones for the chipset ones, for the m 2, anyway, it's got a single pcie, gen4 m.2 slot, underneath those heat sinks, so yeah, just a single slot on this board, nothing more, nothing less for rear.

I o we've got a usb 3.2 port, a usb 3.2 type c port, two usb 2.0 ports. Some more usb 3 2, a displayport hdmi 2., not 2.1, the q flash button we've got some 2.5 gigabit ethernet, some more usb 3.2. The antenna connectors for the built-in six, a line out jack, a microphone jack and optical spdif output for your audio, as well as an integrated io shield.

As i mentioned in the intro itx boards for b660, have been not only hard for you guys to get but hard for us to get the stock just hasn't been there. In fact, this has been the story with most b660 boards since january, so we've only got a handful of them because those are the ones that are available. 

All the cool stuff and all the more budget stuff still isn't here, but we're slowly seeing them start to trickle in so we're going to be covering a bit more b60 stuff, but not in the traditional sense, in the way that we would usually do our motherboard Overviews what i'm thinking of doing going into the future is one of two things. 

The first thing is doing roundups and just big overviews of all the boards in one go, and the second thing is, i might even start uploading motherboard overviews to our other channel main bite, because it might be more interesting over there, and so you guys can see What other stuff we've got going on? 

what do you reckon claire? I think we should just move it over to main bite motherboard overview. So what i'm going to do with this video? Just to gauge your guys interest, is we're going to upload this one to gear seekers and main bite right. So it'll be the same video, but just for people who want to see stuff over there and if you want to go to that channel to see motherboard stuff in the future.

I think that's the way we're going to be doing it going forward. Anyways the b660i aorus pro ddr4, because this is the ddr4 version of the board. Now, as i mentioned, we've been waiting for this board to come since january. 

It only arrived yesterday and because, as i mentioned, you guys have been asking us to look at these boards for so long. I was like you know what i'm going to give them exactly what they wanted, because i think this one is a bit more interesting than any of the z690 stuff that i've seen.

Basically because it it's got the same feature set. Essentially, the only thing really missing from these boards is pcie gen 5 and maybe an additional m 2 slot, but having single m.2 slots on itx boards now seems to be the norm and we're gon na see that more. 

The other thing with this board is because it's the b60 version you're not really losing that much on the performance side. You are losing some of the chunky heatsinks, which makes it easier to fit cools on.

So i do like that, and, as i mentioned in a couple of builds, that we did especially with the leon lee a4 h2o, build the heatsinks on these itx boards for the m.2s and the chipset is just getting ridiculously large and with the b series boards from Intel and amd those heat sinks are much smaller, which is something that i can totally get behind, but other than that i mean this looks to be a fairly decent b60 board. 

The only issue i have again with all of these new boards is the pricing, because, if you're interested in the gigabyte, b60i oris pro ddr4 they're going for around 275 us dollars or around 349 aussie dollars, obviously that's subject to Change over time, because boards do get cheaper over time, but right now, they're, looking like a fairly expensive option.

I'm only saying this, because if we look back to z490 and even b550 boards, they were cheaper than this at launch for most of those boards. Right. Even z490 was cheaper than b660, so the trend of prices for these small boards is forever going up.

But if you're, a small form factor or itx enthusiast, i'm sure you'll be happy to pay that money, because the smaller ego, the more expensive it costs. It'S kind of like the world is flipped on its head with pricing with smaller stuff. 

I don't like doing this very often, but you know sometimes i just need to grab your attention see this graph right here. We need to change this. Ladies and gents. In 2022, we need to change this big time. It needs to be the other way around.