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Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4 - Motherboard Review

Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4 - Motherboard Review

In todays, i have an oportunity totest, the Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4 board which is one of the cheapest option based on the atxformat in their offer. 

Let'S get started Recently: the UD series of boardspresents decent, build qualityand basic features which should pleasemost users, The manufacturer priced the board at around 200 dollars, but it depends on your country of origin.Let's, begin with box equipment.

Inside there is motherboard,2 SATA cables, m.2 screws and user manuals On motherboard laminate. There are 3 physical x16slots, the top offers PCIe Gen5 x16, the middlePCIe Gen3 X1 and the bottom PCIe Gen3 x4.Additional. There are two PCIeGen3 x1 slots. If needed.Also the tested model offers three m.2 sockets.The top has a heatsink and each supports PCIe, Gen4x4 bandwith.

Note neither of thesesockets support, m.2 sata devices.Now, let's move on to bottom part from the leftthere is front: audio connector com, connector,5v and 12v rgb connectors tpm andtwo, USB 2.0 sockets Q-Flash button, pwm connector reset jumper reset buttonwhich. You can remap in the bios toperform different task: andfront I/O panel connectors.

the right side starts with debug ledsfor basic troubleshooting, 6 SATA ports, thunderbolt connectors, USB Type-C, USB 3.2 Gen1, two PWM and 24-Pin ATX power connector.At. The top there is 5v and 12v rgb connectors two pwm headers 8-pin and 4-pin CPUpower connectors and 1 pwm header.The Rear I/O panel has four USB 2.0 PS/2port four usb 3. gen1 hdmi displayport one usb 3.2 gen2 usb type-c connector forrealtek 2.5gbit network card and three connectorfor Realtek ALC897 sound card. When it comes to the memory. 

It supports ddr4 modules up to 128GB in total Gigabyte UD boards were always lacking in rgb. The same is this time, but there are rgbheaders where we can plug in some lightsand. We can controll them via quite basicsoftware, which is RGB fusion available todownload on gigabyte's website. Moving on to power delivery, the board has 8 1vrm configuration.

The VCore section has 8phaseswhere each has two 60A NCP303160 powerstages.Wheareas. The iGPU section has one phasewith the same one: 60A powerstage.

he Manufacturer provided decentheatsinks with much heat dissapationsurface over the power delivery. Whichshould help in removing the heat

The board was tested with the i9 12900Kcpu, the full list of the test setup isin, the video description for interested.Now. Let'S move on to the benchmarks.Taking into account that tested board is one ofthe, cheapest proposition on the Z690 chipset.

We can say that offers very good. Setof features decent equipment on thelaminate. Likewise, on the rear, I/O wherewe can find good amount of usb ports.The motherboard. Let me easily overclockthe cpu without any problems and achievedexpected results with more or less similarvoltages When it comes to memory.

Overclocking also wasn't suprised in negative way. Up to 4800MHz, there was no problem:

The manufacturer also equipped thetested model with good power, deliveryas well as heatsinks, which get the job done. We can use this board even with i9 12900K.If. We would like to find any bad sides there wasnot such a thing.

If we are picky, we could sayabout browny tint of the pcb, which looks a bitugly, but except that everything was okay.