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ASrock B550M Steel Legend Motherboard Review

ASrock B550M Steel Legend Motherboard Review

ASrock B550M Steel Legend Motherboard Review
- Hi,  I want the first impression of a motherboard, namely from asrock b550 m,  I think this is quite interesting especially with the price. Okay, for those of you who are new to this channel, the channel is tumbasno about technology-related things such as partitions, which we discuss also peripheral, monitors and camera gadgets or lighting. 

Well, before we talk about this motherboard, we introduce the asrock b550 Legend grab. This I can said that one of the mother boards is really suitable for those of you who, like Ardi Ardian, because this motherboard has an  ASrock , which is really cute.

If you haven't done the Thailand case, it's only for AMD if you're looking for Intel, there's nothing to share gaming event for Intel. This motherboard is the second b550 chipset I've ever seen. Let'S talk about the first lake from MSG.Unfortunately this time you can check on this channel for the impression version.

I'm quite happy with the cost of offering a motherboard with a beautiful appearance, and they have a fairly cheap price in the B55 class, especially for the microtex Version This outlet has two versions, so it's for micro, ATX and one is the ATX version if you're confused, which is which one to buy In a moment. It just depends on your taste.

How about the performance? The difference isn't much. That'S for sure, because for the ATX size it has the headset Big, especially the difference in price, it's only hundreds of thousands, maybe 200 to 500 thousand. I forget exactly because it's different Nyapo how come we're selling this design first, to get this Legend style. It has two colors that are quite distinctive.

For the stilation series has a white color and also a black one, which has a different combination. It'S really cool. There are two 3-pin water, CD connectors and two 4pin RGB. You can use it for fun or other parts that can sing with this board mode, because it's easy to play. It already supports astropolitical rom.

You can set the lcd Through this software. The most interesting thing is that the Sheikh's father section has a very bright arcybi and if it can be set for this archetype via the Polytron software, especially when there is still Legends written that makes this motherboard even more handsome. 

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There are a lot of color choices for you. You can adjust it according to your wishes. It'S not just that in the chipset section, there is already a cool RGB plus.

This is also the heat sink that covers the chipset up to the slot, where the slot is already closed by a cover that already supports PCIe gen for at the bottom. You also solve the goto for jentri for stored. I also took this already equipped with six Sata slots.

If you want to plug it in, it can be anywhere, And this is also the same. Everything is always there for this. It is equipped with an aluminum alloy heat sink, but typing. It is quite small, but it doesn't matter. What is important is that it is equipped with a heat sink.

The portion that has grabbed the aslog b550 has 8 plus 4 PowerPoints for power to grab it. If you don't have to worry about it, it only needs. Eight powerbands for the debut plug, so it doesn't have to be all for the final day, it's already equipped with a large heat sink, plus a thermal pad with aluminum material. 

Now, if for the PM configuration, it uses the 8cpu Plus 2 configuration for the Evoque. According to this, you don't support the RAM memory slot with a dual channel configuration with a maximum capacity of 128 GB for those of you who, like overclocking memory, this drill bit also supports up to 4533 mhz for Matisse CPO and for Reno er CPO.

It'S the newest, i it's up to 4733 mhz super, also for extreme profile memory or exempt after that. Sich has this. In my opinion, this is the most important thing for sip to have this AMD chipset b550 with imported sockets, 3000, 4000 jeceris and the newest 5000 series Renu can also be used for this part. Come on This shoot has been Prima United. You don't need to bother plugging the vendor into the case anymore, so this is already integrated with the potential to be equipped with one clear CMOS button.

One button Hasyim point one with a maximum resolution of up to four keys: 60 March 1 displayfor version 1 4, with a maximum resolution of Abdul Khair hundred 20hz 1-port for keyboard or mouse, which is definitely cool, it doesn't use. There are two USB ports to point. Oh, there is one USB type C gen2. There are four USB tripod 71. There is one LAN port and there is SPD IV and after that there are several audio jack ports, but this is not equipped with a bayles flashback button, but it doesn't matter to The clear CMOS is already good so grabbing.

It is still fortunate that it's in the boot menu it could also have provided one mdot, wi-fi slot. The size is small, which is intended for a WiFi card. Dotu hem slot then attach the antenna behind this sporty motherboard. This motherboard has an LED back.

Yes, this is where you guys are definitely very useful, and if you have problems with grabbing this, whether it's booting failure or Vega, the actor presses the CPU. So I think this is quite helpful With the Elettrobar filming here for the fix method. I just want to test the temperature of the vrm reboot b550 empty Legend with thermogenic to detect the temperature for sbr or system The test. 

Here I use freeze 7 3800x Te, Ai Wo rolled from msig or Liquid 240r crowded using thermaltake 16 GB 3203 Heart Made boardnya still Legend b550 trust. This is Asus staff, RX 5600 XV, st the orage, is ssdm dotu 256 GB from the group team and the power supply is from South Korea rm850x.

The first one I use here is bl-15a with five loops by default and the parrot is active in Ndi 26 Celsius using thermoguard. So here's the test for the temperature of the frame using here the cl15 band gets a default temperature of 60 Celsius and the Maximum temperature is at 64 degrees Celsius for a cendet 15. 

The resulting temperature is quite cool after that test, using sidebands r20 with five loops. As usual, the room temperature is at 26 Celsius. Using a thermogun on The crm part is the temperature that is obtained.y default. It is at 74 elephants Celsius with the Maximum temperature at 78 Celsius, which is quite an increased number compared to doing tests here, hate R15. No, those are versions for the motherboard from asrock b550. 

The Legends again According to you, took this Sragen. Are you interested in buying it overdue s? This is quite worth it at a price of 2.3 million for the KMU microwave series for absence. I told you to do it yourself, it's good, which I think, Because claiming the warranty is not easy.

 So what are you waiting for just check it out at your favorite stores, don't forget to subscribe to Supercell and subscribe Flag. If you go to this video and don't forget to comment below about the motherboard from Asroh, So I'm really sorry if the video is just an impression post, it's not complete.

Okay! Maybe it's enough for my king to say goodbye to me