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MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk Review - Motherboard Intel Gen 10 !

MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk Review

MSI MAG B460 Tomahawk Review
- This time we will review the motherbord again After a long time. We can finally review the motherboard for the Intel platform for the latest generation. Yes, the 10th generation and, of course, the latest socket LG. 1208 chipset B4. Yes, this time we will review an MSI output Motherboard namely MSI MAG B460tomahawk. 

What is this motherboard review like before? We start, of course, for those of you who haven't subscribed to the screen channel tomorrow. You can first click the subscribe button and launch it All in all in the future, so that this channel can continue to grow. 

Let'S just review and of course, we'll open it first, what's in the box: okay, first, let's just anbox!
What'S in the motherboard box on this one, OK, let's go open! Yes, as usual, my MS has a box type like this, so it smells like its debut in another box that was opened on top and there was a snatch that was still wrapped in plastic. Yes, let's see, let's get rid of the others.

Okay, then there's a warranty card, then there's a DVD driver. There'S a smell am go to. There are three: yes, it's okay, then there's a sticker from ms-aceh. Then it's a kind of toll. Thank you card, then there's a quick installation guide. Then a thick book. Here'S a user guide and finally, there are two Sata cables.

Okay, that's all! Let'S talk about the motherboard Marbot this one in specs, he has 12 plus one powervest where 12 cover the CPU core and one for tomorrow and we'll see here. The heat sink that wraps Evi are many quite large. Yes,

Take a look at the overall design of this film. Yes, it looks like it's capable enough to run a Post, Hai processor as medium to high. It feels like for ipqosh. I think it can be handled easily here. Although yes, don't take the rich series because it smells like it, doesn't support overclocking and to get to Ijen 10700 or even 10900 oddities that don't seem like it. 

I think it can also be done handled by this motherboard. So once again, if you take this, Marbot don't take the Union because it will be redundant because the Sis series will not be able to be overclocked with this one God.

Next, we will discuss memory specifications here as usual, there are 4 slots, a game with a two-channel configuration, of course, yes, and for the frequency that can be supported by grabbing this one yourself. If we use air, Seven or nine jan10, for example, of course. Yes, he will run at Hai alone, 4293 3 mm, while if we run the file below it will running d2666 Mega hersya. 

Next, we will discuss about the expansion slot here. There are two contents of water: 3. 15. Yes, this is the main thing. The second one is how about fisheye 3.0 times 16. The main thing is that it has been wrapped in Steel Armor. Yes, this is good enough to prevent an increase in the VGA card. Then it will run at 16 times.

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Yes, this is real craninx multiplied by 16. Both if you sir run here for the vga, it only runs multiplied by 4, not only the size is dk15, but later the speed will run multiplied by 4. Yes, for those who can ih 3.0
16, both of them this one comment. There are also two pcie 3.0 times this one next touch. We will discuss about storage.

Yes, here there are 6 Sata 3 slots where the place is facing to the side two are facing up. Then there are two slots, which one is the first M2 that has been coated or already has Shu Frozen or thermoguard, while both of them don't have Darmaga. Yet so, when we install m2n PMI here, one of the Sata slots will be inactive. I already support Intel optane memory.

Yes, as usual, the advantages of beauty are there. Yes, there is Intel optane memory support that can be attached to the stamp which is number two here. Then we will discuss about the internal collector. Yes, as usual, there is a 24-pin ATX power, connector, yes, and For Seaworld the connector uses eight pins. Yes, this is normal and normal for this class of motherboard.

Mytrans motherboard tool, yes, say: use 8 pins to see before the connector. Then there is one pen, connector and one water pump connector Then, for the system fan connector, there are a total of six here.

One position is 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. So it is quite evenly distributed for the connector system. So it's easy for you to place the cable cables for Vania later. Yes, then, the next is for the LED connector arjedi for Ada Sule blg. There are two connectors.

Yes, there is one here and another one is brought here and then for the RGB LED connector. There are also two here, one and one more here The side. Yes, then there is the next special thing. There is a USB tripod, two than 15 headers. So there is a USB type-c here.

Yes, we can use the cellphone here, then there is also a USB tripod for the purpose of one header, also here, one that is already facing to the side. If you haven't seen it here, this will make it easier to install later so there's no cable like Ti service, then, as usual, there is USB to point. Oh Yes, there are two USB Tukokno headers for the front-end. Yes, the rest is normal [, Music ]. Next, we will discuss Ray Openal

Yes, here as usual, there is a PS2. om pot. Then there are two USB to point. Oh here, then there is a display port finished this yes and edema. Yes, Hi, And this is also an advantage. There is USB type-c. Yes, USB three points: seven type-c! Then there are four USB drives: pointword jayne, one type e & i. There is 1 gbps LAN and 2.5 GPS Lands. Then there is Hadi audio here and there is optical s.Pdf of Okay friends, that was our review of this mother board. It'S still a b460 tomahawk right

This is the third MSI tomahawk series motherboard, which we have live on the desktop screen. Yes, after two of them we reviewed previously for AMD, namely the b450 tomahawk X and b550 Townhall now this time for Intel, namely the b460 tomahawk. If we look at this overall, it's quite good right now, it's around 2 6 million and with specifications that I think are quite superior in their class. Yes, this motherboard as a whole.

Maybe some of the advantages include having a pretty good VRM specification Nia. She has a 1201 powervest design, powervest plus, of course, the heat sink via the brakes, which also looks quite capable here for the hm case. It'S big enough, quite capable. So I think this motherboard is prepared for PC processor class IV and above yes, ifay, Seven or nine-y 10, of course, yes and for nonka for sure, because if you don't, you should take the Z series. Don'T take this because this series can't be used for overclocking.

So you take the Z series if you want the processor rich series, so this is for ainain level 10900. I think it's still good Hi to be able to get to that point. This 8-core CPU is still strong enough to take this one because Viar m

Icu is on stage here then. What are the advantages? I think this design is pretty cool. Yes, then, the next one is from the side for the USB type-c header, as well as for the front panel on the casing.

So if you come here, it already supports USB type-c. This can also support and, of course, the file also has USB type-c. So overall, the number of USB ports is quite okay. Then there are also two: there are as large as GB LED connectors there, which are quite good, also quite helpful later, if you n want to turn it on today.

Yes, the contents will be like that in general, so the price is 2.6 million. I think this is indeed worth the price it's quite worth the class. Hopefully this can be useful for friends at home. Thank you, guys, friends, already watching, Don't forget to like share and also subscribe, see you in the next video greetings, alaikum Warahmatullahi,